In 2016, Stari Grad celebrates 2400th anniversary of the fundation. Learn more about history of Stari Grad that dates from 384 BC.
Stari Grad Plain, UNESCO Heritage since 2008., has been unchanged for 2400 year. Walk into Stari Grad Plain and explore Stari Grad tradition of living.
Stari Grad Brass Orchestra, founded back in 1876, in 2016 celebrates 140 years of continous activity.
Lace from island of Hvar is unique because of thread collected from the aloe leaves of agave plants.
Stari Grad is well  known for its 2400 years long tradition and rich cultural heritage. More about the cultural heritage you can find out here.
The Dominican monastery of St. Petar Mučenik (St. Peter the Martyr) was founded in 1482 by a venerable gentleman from Piacenza.


Concert of Faros Cantors

Saturday, 30th of April, 2016 at 20.30 Concert of klapa Faros Cantors in hotel Lavanda Stari Grad.



5th of May (Thursday) at 20.30 in Stari Grad Theatre: C.H. Robin Comedie "Perfect Wedding" played by Picollo Theatre Group.


Island of Hvar among Europe's 10 Best Costal Bike Tour

According to Duvine Cycling + Adventures Co., Island of Hvar is among Europe's 10 Best Costal Cycling Tour.
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