Miki Bratanic konoba is a symbol of all konobas, those which are gone and have long since closed their doors, but primarily those that still maintain their old luster and live their lives of times past.
In 2016. Stari Grad celebrate 2400 Year Birthday, therefore we invite all citizens of Stari Grad, our friend and guests to join us in celebration of this important event.
Sailing around Hvar is a 80 nautical mile round trip, from cape Pelegrin to the port of Hvar, then along the southward shore of the island to Sućuraj whilst along the northern part to the cape Kabal and Stari Grad.
Riding bicycle around the Stari Grad will offer you the chance to learn about long and turbulent history of this area through recreation and spending time outdoors.
These walks take you into the cultivated area betwen Stari Grad and Jelsa. The fields, you will walking trough, were first laid out by Greek colonists in the 4th century BC.
The Dominican monastery of St. Petar Mučenik (St. Peter the Martyr) was founded in 1482 by a venerable gentleman from Piacenza.




Workshop presentation performance Architecture and time

4th of September, 2015. (Friday) in Biankini Palace at 21:00 Workshop presentation performance " Architecture and time"


Audio Workshop: Arcihecture and time

Audio Workshop “Architecture and time” with Schneider TM and Ksenija Ladic from 31st August - 4th of September 2015, Stari Grad, island Hvar, Croatia.
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