Children's activities

Imagination, creativity and activity of children are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Holidays in town of Stari Grad allows your children to attend one of the children’s Summer Schools.
Sailing, swimming, painting, guitar school will give children an active vacation, learning through play and most importantly meeting new friends. Maybe, who knows, one day they will be successful sailors, painters, musicians, actors or swimmers. 

Little Swimming school   

At the Bonj bathing area, the swimming club each year organizes a little swimming school in Stari Grad. The school lasts from July to the end of August, under the guidance of expert swimming teachers. Teachers will enable your children to learn all swimming styles, but once finished this school perhaps some of them will decide to train professionally in this sport. Swimming school takes place for three age groups – children from 7 to 9 years old,  from 10 to 13 years and from 14+ years. More about Little Swimming School you can find out here. 

Sailing school

Sailing is a sport that has been practiced for years in Stari Grad, as is recognized by the numerous sailors who carry out their preparations in the Stari Grad Bay every year. The position of the bay is particularly favourable for sailing beginners because it has a deep bay and favourable winds. The Helios sailing club organizes a sailing school for beginners, under the guidance of experienced sailors. School lasts from during August every year, near to the church of St. Jerome. For information call +385 (0)91 564 1717. 

The Drawing school at Marinka

The Marin+Marinka open atelier in the village of Dol, close to Stari Grad is an ideal place for all art and natur lovers. DURING THE AFTERNOON CHILDREN AND THEIR PARENTS can visit the art atelier and can have fun, whilst learning something new and can visit the exhibition and paint their T-shirts with auntie Marinka, the painter. From 10 am until 6 pm children in groups can paint their T-shirts helped by auntie Marinka. Parents can also try their hand helped by their children. DO NOT FORGET TO BRING YOUR CAMERA! 
More about The Drawing school at Marinka you can find out here.

The Small Town of Faros

The Children’s festival Small town Pharos has been organized for three years in Stari Grad, introducing children to creating a theatre performance. Every day there are workshops with Kristijan Ugrina, mainly of visual arts, scenography, literary skills, music and puppets. 
The end result of working in the workshops is a performance that is conceived, scenographically and arranged and performed by the children themselves. Exhibitions and presentations of their works also take place. Workshops take place in July and August. More about The Small Town of Faros you can read here.

GITARASTRA - School of Guitar

Every year in Stari Grad, the International Summer School of Guitar GITARASTRA, takes place under the expert guidance of professor Ante Čagalj. The Summer school is particularly dynamic, with a full-day timetable whilst concerts by participants take place every evening on church St.John. Besides that, every second evening we offer a particularly attractive programme for guitar orchestra in eminent locations such as Škor and Riva. More about GITARASTRA you can read here



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