Sweets made of lavender

Lavender is aromatic, hemispherical bushes that bloom with violet ears during June and July. A great sack of dried flowers is necessary to produce a litre of oil during the process of distillation, which is then used for the production of a variety of lavender based preparations with an intense fragrance.
It is harvested at the break of dawn along the slopes of the island of Hvar at the end of June and the beginning of July when the flagrance and colour are most intense.
It can be found in the form of oil, bath foams, soaps, scented candles or the lavender flower sealed into small linen sacks but it can also be found in sweets. The aroma of lavender which needs a strong Hvar's sun, will irresistibly remind you of this island but the taste of lavender is something which will connect you with it forever. Sweets made of lavender that you can taste in a number of restaurants in Stari Grad, are surely a taste experience that should not be missed.
At first sight they look like a perfectly normal pastry, a cake with a chocolate colour or crème, in some way discloses its mysterious ingredient, but if, after a few moments, you breathe deeply, you will experience perhaps the most erotic fragrance which entices a mouthful.
Surrounded by the flagrance of Hvar's lavender you will experience the entire charm and beauty of the island, a divine strength and pleasure. It will calm you down, raise your mood, wake up your creative strength and blaze your positive energy. It will make you better and nobler, breaking anger and even raising a smile out.



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