Up to the top of St. Nicholas


Although there are not many places unknown to man, sometimes forgotten places, where real beauties are hidden are taking the time to find again. One of those places is the top of Saint Nicholas (628 m), the highest peak of the island of Hvar. Not so long ago, areas surrounding st. Nicholas were full of life. As winter passed, the numerous inhabitants of the village at the foot of the mountain slowly moved to the higher areas where they looked after their cattle and cultivated the land. Although there is no longer any livestock, vineyards and olive groves are still being cultivated. The islanders visit this mountain at least once a year for religious reasons, on the day of its patron saint, st. Nicholas. Perhaps these pilgrims were the forerunners of today’s tourists – both mountaineers climbing for self-seeking reasons. The island’s mountains are a real delicacy for walking and climbing lovers. You can start your climbing tour to the top of  st. Nicholas from a number of directions, from the shore on the southern part of the island from villages of Svirće and Dol, or from Vidikovac on the western part of Stari Grad. 
We recommend that amateur sportsmen and cyclists start from Vidikovac, westward from Stari Grad. After a few kilometres of asphalted road with no particularly difficult ascents or descents you will reach the part below the rock at the highest peak. A peak that rises above the village of Sveta Nedjelja towards which St Nicholas’s southern cliffs descend is of particularly challenging beauty. 
During pleasant and bright weather, you can even see the island of Vis from the peak. If you take a look from the cliff of st. Nicholas toward the foot of the mountain, you will experience the feeling of being on the sheer peak. Standing there it is not hard to understand why people once built their sanctuaries precisely on such heights. 
Saint Nicholas is the saint patron of passengers and sailors, so the small church was built in his honour on the place from where the inland and maritime paths are best visible. 
A small church situated on the highest peak of the island of Hvar, known as Od brda (De Monte) was mentioned for the first time in 1495. From the available documents, it can be seen that the church was built by inhabitants of Vrbanje and Svirće, with the participation of ship owners from Vrboska. It has been destroyed by being struck by lightning on a number of occasions, but has been rebuilt every time. We recommend that you return from the top of st. Nicholas along the Purkin kuk and through the village of Dol, travelling northwards from Stari Grad. 




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